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Poultry is one of the most commonly consumed type of protein not for one but many good reasons; It is a lean meat, available in plenty and has a very neutral flavour that goes very well with any palate. Poultry is the second most widely eaten type of meat after pork, accounting for over 30% of the total world meat production and sixteen billion birds are annually raised for their consumption.

There are several kinds of poultry and they include Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Goose and Quail.

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Oriental Quail with BBQ Sauce

The grilled quail here pair very well with the pomegranate-orange sauce that adds a fruity, flavourful twist to the whole dish.

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Peri-Peri Chicken

This dish was created in Angola and Mozambique when Portuguese settlers arrived with the special peri-peri chilli pepper. The chicken here is marinated in a deliciously spicy Peri-Peri sauce and grilled to one’s liking.

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Roast Chicken

The Chicken is roasted to perfection by the process of brining that enhances the flavour of the chicken and releasing juices that make it moist.

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Chicken Kiev

The crispy breaded chicken stuffed with herbed butter, smoothly melts when fried and helps make the chicken tender.

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Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala is a dish of grilled chunks of chicken (Tikka) in a rich creamy, tangy and spicy orange coloured thick gravy sauce.

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