Cooking fish, shellfish and more...

Any kind of aquatic life that is regarded as food fit for consumption by humans is called seafood and includes fish and shellfish.

Fish are of two kinds, either ‘Round fish or Flat fish’ and come from Salt water (Ocean) or Fresh water (Dams, Rivers and Lakes). On the other hand, shellfish include various species of Molluscs (Squids, Mussels, Oysters, Octopus) and Crustaceans (Lobsters, Crabs, Shrimp).

The most important factor to look into when choosing fish for a dish; is the color of the flesh. The flesh is described as either ‘white or dark’ and the dark colored fish can range from a pinky-red to orange or even brown in color. The oil content within the flesh determines the color; the higher the oil content the darker the color.

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Recipes from this Lesson

Herb Crusted Sole

Sole is a flat fish. The Sole fish fillets are coated with a breaded herb crust and shallow fried to a slightly crisp texture, served with a side of lemon wedge to bring out the mild flavors of the fish.

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Baked Sea Bass

The Sea Bassis laid over potatoes with tomatoes & anchovies, scattered with red pepper on the side, sprinkled with garlic, oregano sprigs, olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper and baked.

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Shrimp Provencal

Shrimp Provencal is a very tasty shrimp dish, served with Kalamata olives and garlic tossed in fresh intense tomato sauce.

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Marak Samak

'Samak' means fish in Arabic, while MarakSamak means "Fish Stew". MarakSamak is cooked differently from one Middle Eastern country to the other; some cook it as a stew while others make it more like a curry.

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Fish & Chips

Beer (Alcoholic or Non Alcoholic) battered fish that is deep fried, served with potato chips and tangy lemon mayonnaise on the side.

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