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Key Learning

In this recipe, you will learn the techniques of roasting, making of vinaigrette and handling of salad leaves. Apart from that, you will also learn how to handle the equipment and ingredients necessary to produce Beetroot and Rocket Salad.

About Beetroot & Rocket Salad

The origin of the Beetroot and Rocket Salad is actually unknown. It is a contemporary salad, which is believed to have been thrown together with leftover ingredients.

The slightly peppery flavor of the rocket leaves matches well with the sweetness of beetroot, the tang of the goat cheese, creamy texture of avocado and the warm crunch of the walnut, beautifully complimenting each other. The balsamic dressing is a perfect match for this salad, with its dark golden syrupy consistency that clings easily to the rocket leaves and the excess getting soaked up by the goat cheese.

This Dish

Roasted beetroot, tossed with rocket leaves, goat cheese chunks, avocado and crunchy walnuts drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette is an accurate description of this salad.


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