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Rice is the most important food crop of the developing world and a staple food for more than half of the world’s population. It is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates to sustain good health being rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. There are many different types of rice with several qualities, suiting different consumer preferences. Quality factors in rice relate to length of the grain, stickiness, aroma, texture and flavor.

In this episode, you will be learning popular combinations that came about through a variety of regional, taste and textural compositions widely created by chefs in restaurants around the world.

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Recipes from this Lesson

Chicken Mandi

The rich juices of the perfectly cooked and tender chicken gets soaked up with the spiced rice that results in a deliciously and delicate flavorfulMiddle Eastern dish.

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Lamb Dum Biryani

Luxuriously spiced, delicately slow cooked lamb, with the fragrant and highly seasoned basmati rice is an ideal dish for a festive occasion.

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Mushroom Risotto

The rich and creamy, al dente (Just Right) Risotto is complemented by the earthy flavor of the porcini mushroom and is one of the most versatile and easiest of Rice dishes to make.

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TheSpanish Paella is Rice flavored with saffron, cooked together with seafood and served with lemon wedges and brings a sharpness & freshness to the table.

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Nasi Goreng Special

NasiGorengisastir-fried rice with vegetables and sweet soya sauce, giving a richly flavored delicious dish. The addition of a fried egg on top makes it a whole meal in itself.

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